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063 Extending formula capabilities with arrays.mp4 22.50 MB
048 Understanding Excel date-time capabilities in formulas.mp4 20.05 MB
017 Creating 3D formulas to gather data from multiple sheets.mp4 18.69 MB
068 Using array formula techniques with the MATCH function for complex lookups.mp4 17.99 MB
044 Using the random-number functions RAND and RANDBETWEEN.mp4 17.89 MB
016 Enhancing readability with range names.mp4 17.60 MB
020 Using the AND and OR functions with IF to create compound logical tests.mp4 17.52 MB
029 Using MATCH and INDEX together.mp4 17.36 MB
056 Locating and extracting data with FIND, SEARCH, and MID.mp4 16.56 MB
046 Using the powerful AGGREGATE function to bypass errors and hidden data.mp4 16.25 MB
035 Tabulating based on a single criterion with COUNTIF, SUMIF, and AVERAGEIF.mp4 16.12 MB
061 Adjusting character content with REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE.mp4 16.05 MB
036 Tabulating based on multiple criteria with COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, and AVERAGEIFS.mp4 15.74 MB
040 Working with ROUND, ROUNDUP, and ROUNDDOWN.mp4 15.65 MB
074 Using error-checking functions ISERR, ISERROR, IFERROR, and ISNA.mp4 15.65 MB
007 Using the Reference button on the Formulas tab for locating functions.mp4 15.62 MB
004 Using and extending AutoSum button capabilities.mp4 15.24 MB
062 Using other utility text functions - LEN, REPT, VALUE, TEXT.mp4 15.23 MB
071 Using INDIRECT with data validation for two-tiered pick-list scenarios.mp4 14.97 MB
022 Finding approximate matches with VLOOKUP.mp4 14.70 MB
072 Extracting information with the CELL and INFO functions.mp4 14.67 MB
010 Tracking cell dependencies and locating formula sources.mp4 14.14 MB
058 Removing extra spaces with TRIM.mp4 13.52 MB
012 Copying column formulas instantly.mp4 13.50 MB
023 Finding exact matches with VLOOKUP.mp4 13.49 MB
064 Counting unique entries in a range with an array formula.mp4 13.23 MB
043 Finding the remainder with MOD, and using MOD with conditional formatting.mp4 12.90 MB
037 Calculating payments with PMT.mp4 12.58 MB
053 Tabulating date differences with DATEDIF.mp4 12.30 MB
009 Displaying and highlighting formulas.mp4 12.30 MB
054 Calculating end-of-month and future-past dates with EDATE and EOMONTH.mp4 12.04 MB
050 Identifying the day of the week with WEEKDAY.mp4 11.88 MB
005 Using absolute and relative references in formulas.mp4 11.84 MB
059 Using ampersands and CONCATENATE to combine data from different cells.mp4 11.66 MB
027 Locating data with MATCH.mp4 11.66 MB
019 Creating and expanding the use of nested IF statements.mp4 11.49 MB
011 Using entire row and entire column references.mp4 11.40 MB
041 Working with MROUND, CEILING, and FLOOR for specialized rounding.mp4 11.28 MB
031 Ranking data without sorting, using the RANK function.mp4 11.27 MB
069 Getting data from remote cells with OFFSET.mp4 10.96 MB
018 Exploring IF logical tests and using relational operators.mp4 10.62 MB
013 Converting formulas to values with a simple drag.mp4 10.60 MB
049 Using TODAY and NOW functions for dynamic date-time entry.mp4 10.54 MB
003 Understanding the hierarchy of operations in Excel formulas.mp4 10.19 MB
024 Using VLOOKUP with large tables.mp4 10.13 MB
066 Flipping row-column orientation with TRANSPOSE.mp4 10.04 MB
006 Using mixed references in formulas.mp4 9.76 MB
034 Using COUNT, COUNTA, and the status bar.mp4 9.76 MB
025 Nesting VLOOKUP functions.mp4 9.73 MB
014 Updating values without formulas.mp4 9.40 MB
026 Finding table-like information within a function with CHOOSE.mp4 9.14 MB
060 Adjusting the case within cells using the PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER functions.mp4 9.06 MB
021 Looking up information with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP.mp4 8.79 MB
067 Building analysis via regression techniques with TREND and GROWTH.mp4 8.35 MB
008 Using the Formula Builder button for guidance with unfamiliar functions.mp4 8.14 MB
015 Simplifying debugging formulas.mp4 8.12 MB
042 Using the INT and TRUNC functions to extract integer data.mp4 7.88 MB
055 Converting text entries into dates and times with DATEVALUE and TIMEVALUE.mp4 7.78 MB
065 Determining frequency distributions with FREQUENCY.mp4 7.75 MB
033 Tabulating blank cells with COUNTBLANK.mp4 7.68 MB
051 Counting working days with NETWORKDAYS.mp4 7.48 MB
057 Extracting specific data with LEFT and RIGHT.mp4 7.31 MB
039 Determining total amount of future payments with PV.mp4 6.95 MB
038 Finding future values with FV.mp4 6.79 MB
028 Retrieving information by location with INDEX.mp4 6.46 MB
001 Welcome.mp4 6.43 MB
070 Returning references with INDIRECT.mp4 6.37 MB
030 Finding the middle value with MEDIAN.mp4 5.59 MB
052 Determining a completion date with WORKDAY.mp4 5.33 MB
047 Using the ROMAN function to display different number systems.mp4 5.04 MB
045 Converting a value between measurement systems with CONVERT.mp4 4.85 MB
032 Finding the largest and smallest values with MAX, MIN, LARGE, and SMALL.mp4 4.83 MB
075 Goodbye.mp4 1.16 MB
002 Using the exercise files.mp4 1.12 MB
Exercise Files/Ch09/09-Date.xlsx 643.47 KB
Exercise Files/Ch03/03-IF Function.xlsx 597.32 KB
Exercise Files/Ch01/01-Tools.xlsx 486.26 KB
Exercise Files/Ch04/04-Lookup Functions.xlsx 361.99 KB
Exercise Files/Ch03/Lookup Functions.xlsx 342.96 KB
Exercise Files/Ch02/02-TipsShortcuts.xlsx 299.24 KB
Exercise Files/Ch11/11-Array.xlsx 164.89 KB
Exercise Files/Ch06/06-PowerFunctions.xlsx 152.75 KB
Exercise Files/Ch05/05-Stat.xlsx 124.96 KB
Exercise Files/Ch08/08-Math.xlsx 70.66 KB
Exercise Files/Ch02/02-RegionalSales.xlsx 38.61 KB
Exercise Files/Ch10/10-Text.xlsx 21.58 KB
Exercise Files/Ch12/12-Reference.xlsx 21.54 KB
Exercise Files/Ch07/07-FinancialFunctions.xlsx 16.41 KB
Exercise Files/Ch13/13-Information.xlsx 14.95 KB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and Functions.flac 393.44 MB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and 453.77 MB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and Functions.mp4 542.70 MB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and Functions.pdf 12.47 MB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and Functions.tgz 1.16 GB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and Functions.pdf 65.40 MB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and Functions.mp4 859.58 MB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and Functions.tgz 26.03 MB
Lynda - Excel 2011 for the Mac: Mastering Formulas and Functions.pdf 15.38 MB
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